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I am so glad you have visited my page "Consultation Conversation".  Lot's of people ask me "What does a Consultant do?  Why is a Consultant needed?  How can I be successful like you?"

Consulting Is Advice, Planning & Guidance Given From An Individual With A Wealth Of Knowledge That Can Catapult You Over The Hurdles and Mountains In Your Way! 


How? After owning 10 Businesses I have learned the hurdles, and the shortcuts, saving people years of time. 

Why?  You don't have to go through the bumps and bruises.  you can move your business and life forward with confidence knowing that you have an expert there to ENSURE YOUR SUCCESS!

When should you start? RIGHT NOW....if you are ready.  If you only have an idea, we can just talk for free outside of work hours.  If you are looking for Iron Clad Businesses Knowledge (In The Industries Below), then you should set. an appointment up now!

  1. Real Estate

  2. Real Estate Investing

  3. Amazon / Shopify / E Commerce

  4. Music Industry

  5. Marketing

  6. Business Strategies

  7. Personal Growth

  8. Happiness

  9. Time Management

  10. Public Speaking

  11. Negotiating

  12. Networkinig

  13. Other Etc..

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